Hidden in Plain "Site”

The layman’s guide to uncovering

secret underground military sites

in Denton County.

       Buried deep beneath the surface of the Denton countryside a huge military installation lies abandoned and almost forgotten. This top secret three story military complex has six hundred acres under ground, miles of tunnels and hundreds of air shafts. Throughout the county, a network of regularly spaced and heavily filtered air shafts once connected the secret underground to the surface above.

       In the late fifties, this ventilation system was documented using aerial photography. These photographs became the 1958 Aerial Grid of Denton County. The entire county was captured on film in a grid fifteen images across by fifteen images down for a total of 225 images of Denton county in 1958. The quality of these photographs allowed researchers to see details of the county and its roads, bridges, houses, warehouses, farms, barns etc. Most importantly, the researchers could see detailed images of structures that housed air shafts to secret underground military sites.

       When the base closed in the late sixties, its ventilation system was dismantled. The fans, motors and buildings that housed them were all hauled away. The openings were sealed tight and each site was then covered up and camouflaged. In some instances, the deception was obvious and easy to read and in others not. Either way, the underground base was closed and its air shafts sealed tight and hidden from view.