Denton Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Lodge #82, established the Odd Fellows cemetery in 1860. After a while they grew tired of secret underground stuff and deeded the cemetery to the city of Denton May 11, 1933 at 4:20pm. The City of Denton accepted the conditions of the deed to operate and provide maintenance for the cemetery. On the south east corner of the Odd Fellows Cemetery a secret air shaft was covered up and camouflaged with a small stone building that looks as if it is a hundred years old. Although the city of Denton parks and recreation department is tasked with maintaining the shack, there is little evidence of any actual maintenance. The windows are broken and boarded up, the roof leaks and there is damage at every corner. Also, what is present-day Carroll Blvd was detoured to compensate this site in the seventies. Don’t take my word for it, go check it out for yourself! 

Odd Fellows

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