The day after I learned of the slab at Across the Tracks, some friends took this wide-eyed freshman to the intersection of Scripture and Bonnie Brae. Bonnie Brae was intentionally offset to the west of Scripture. I could think of no rhyme or reason for this offset. I could not think of any animal, mineral or vegetable that could get in the way; nothing that would require moving the road. Unless… and this is the only thing that made any sense at all: What if it was a military secret? What if the street department operating on the surface or just beneath it was on a collision course with the underground secret stuff? What if someone somehow made a mistake and the road had to be moved at the Bonnie Brae and Scripture site? A lie was created to keep this secret. For fifty years and to this day when asked, “Why the offset?”, the current liar would give the same answer, “I dunno”. 

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