Personal Stories 

Over the years I have met quite a few people who have personal stories involving this project.

 An Officer

He told me there are concrete tunnels 20 foot in diameter that extend out in half a dozen different directions!


Tommy the Cub Scout

His cub scout troop came to the Nike Base when he was ten years old. He remembered climbing aboard a jeep and sitting knee-to-knee as it descended 50 feet in an elevator to the bottom. Then they drove through the tunnel. Along the way, it opened up into rooms with beds in them.


Phone Repair Man

An old fart told me that when he was a young man he worked in the tunnels as a phone repair man. Three times he was accompanied by an armed soldier and went into the tunnel about 50 feet, made his connection and got out.


Robert the Boy Scout

He claimed that he went down a stairwell at the missile base, took a look, got spooked and climbed out.


Krum Resident

Kent was a package delivery man who claimed he’d been in the tunnels many times. He knew for a fact that there was more than one way in.


Little Mike the Six-Year-Old Boy

He climbed half a dozen times into an open manhole just outside the control portion of the Nike Missile Base. His last visit triggered an alarm. He got scared and climbed back out and never went back.


Tony the Tenant

He said to me that he met an officer who said to keep looking because “it’s down there”.



She told me about a woman she met in an elevator who was married to a Nike officer who came to Denton to dismantle the last missile base.


John Roberts F.E.M.A. Employee

He discussed a feasibility study to make the Denton Nike Base like the one near Olney, Maryland.


Nike Soldier

He told me, “Big-shots were always dropping by.”


Government Worker

She often made top-secret deliveries eight levels deep at F.E.M.A.



On 9/11 she sat all day in a van eight levels down below F.E.M.A.


Margaret the Secretary

She was with a group of boys who told her, “If we don’t go this weekend, the tunnels will be closed off by Monday.” She walked between the missile bases, from launch to control, through the tunnels. She also saw rooms with beds in them.


Lou the Angry Soldier

I mentioned Margaret to Lou and he said, “Tell her that I said she’s a Damn Liar!”



He boasted, “We covered it up real good!”


A Senior Officer

I met an old man in charge of dismantling the nike bases in Texas. He was in Denton to close down DF-01, the last nike facility. He said they brought in truckloads of cement to seal the airshafts and hide the base.


Old Man at NTSU

He told me that he spent twenty years looking for tunnels on the launch end chasing rumors.



He also heard rumors of tunnels for years.


John the Local Farmer

He told me that there were many entrances to the underground facilities.


Local Man Jim

He explored the tunnel system exposed by bulldozer at the Rex Cauble ranch. He said it went for miles.